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Every time a woman gathers in circle with her sistars she is weaving a web of healing and empowerment that impacts her entire lineage as well as the collective 
-Harmony Rose 


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Wild Woman Retreat

Summer Solstice 2024


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Priestess Path 

You will learn what it means to be a
modern-day witch and priestess.

The divine feminine is awakening,

as the ancient call within all women

to commune with a Divine Mother/ Goddess

is becoming stronger.

Mystic Harmony Mystery School

Mystery School Teachings
Embodiment & integration of the divine feminine.
Bringing the magick of transformation into your life!

If you are ready to start your own journey of healing and awakening to the path of the medicine woman, Harmony has created a mystery school with several levels of online learning for the divine feminine that you can begin until you are ready for a private mentorship with her!

About Harmony


Hi! I am Harmony Rose from Mystic Harmony I am a divine feminine mentor and healer whose passion in the world is guiding women in the ancient practices of the witches and wise women who walked this earth before us, empowering you to become your highest self-embodied in this life! I am a womb priestess who works with women on healing sexual trauma and inner child wounding. I am a solitary eclectic witch who shares her wisdom through many different healing spiritual arts! As a yoga teacher, shamanic life coach, medicine woman, and retreat facilitator, I have dedicated my life to sharing the wisdom I’ve gained from my own life experience by committing the last 19 years to my own spiritual evolution as well as to being a guide for the divine feminine awakening in the heart of humanity! 

Practical Magick
For The Solitary Witch

Do you get excited, and at the same time a little afraid about the witchy
ways, wishing you knew more about the craft and how to do spells?

There is an ancient awakening happening within women.
An awakening that is calling her home to the magick of the natural world, and the feminine essence that patriarchy demonized resulting in the witch wound.

Now is a time of reconciliation and reclamation of the
Wise Women, Oracles & Healers as the Witches of this new age.

Grab my free Spell Book 

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