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Practical Magick - For The Solitary

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There is a little witch in all of us -

Grab my Elemental Spell Book for free!

Do you get excited about the witchy ways and wish you knew how to do spells? This is about the ancient call within all women to come home to the magic of the natural world and the feminine essence that patriarchy demonized resulting in the witch wound.

If you've had this feeling or pull to learn the witchy ways, how to connect with the moon, the elements, and all the beautiful plants in nature, or if you know there is more to you than meets the eye, you're feeling the power that lies deep within that has been stuck or a little fearful of coming out of you.

If it feels a little scary to use the word witch as an identity but you want to do the spells and learn to make medicine with plants, and you just want to dive deeper into what it means to be a modern-day witchy woman - Here is your chance! This spell book has all you need to know to start doing authentic, safe spell work!

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