Practical Magick


A modern-day witchy retreat in Sedona Az. and opens again in 2023.

We will explore an ancient call within the divine feminine to embody the traditions of the wise woman through the art of earth and moon magick!!.


                 We all Have A Little Witch Inside Of Us...

                                         -Practical Magic-

Gifting yourself this retreat will give you the time and space to really dig deep into whom you are at your core while having so much fun! Exploring your connection to nature will heal your heart and soul!

This is about the ancient call within all women to come home to the magic of the natural world and the art of alchemy.

If you've had this feeling or pull to learn how to connect with the moon and all the beautiful plants in nature, or if you know there is more to you than meets the eye.

A power that lies deep within that has been stuck or a little fearful of coming out of you.

Maybe it even feels a little scary to use the word witch as an identity but you want to do the spells and learn to make medicine with plants and you just want to dive deeper into what it means to be a modern-day witchy woman?


Are you already on your magick-making path? 

Do you already work with spells, herbs and plants, moon, sun, and the stars but would like to expand your wisdom, explore new ideas, and connect with others who practice witchery? 

Either way, this retreat is for you!!

Does a weekend full of workshops, rituals, and deep connection to nature, self, and women of like mind and heart sound fun?

If so my Witchy Sisters join us for three days and two nights at this retreat in magickal Sedona Az. on private land in a lovely cabin with creek and forest access upon the Fall Equinox and learn the Art of Earth & Moon Magick!! 


Meet YourFacilitors


Harmony Fonseca is a Solitary Witch! She is a Yin Yoga Instructor E-RYT 200 YACEP, Shamanic Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Womb Priestess . Harmony's passion is guiding women through transformative practices to create union between a grounded logical world and a mystical magical world in a way that is sustainable and actively changes your life. Spells and rituals along with moon magick are her favorite practices! Her work and heart in this world is guiding women to their divine feminine birth right of sovereignty through transformational healing. 


Margo Burdek is a Green Witch! She is a certified Grace Integrity® Master Energy Clearing Transcoach and herbalist. 

Through the teachings of the Wise Woman Tradition and the amazing plant spirits, she has learned the ways of the plants, their spirit medicine immersing into the mystical and ever-loving and giving mother earth and the divine spirit of Gaia. She serves her community by organizing gatherings, classes, and offering healing sessions.


   What To Expect At Your Witchy Retreat Experience

🌑 Three days and a two-nights 

🌑 Gourmet Vegetarian Meals 

🌑 A shared room and bathroom

🌑 Moon Magick & Rituals

🌑 Fire Ceremony

🌑 Herbal Medicine Making

🌑 Plant Spirit Meditations

🌑 Private Creek Access

🌑 Red Tent Ceremony

🌑 Sharing Circles & Sisterhood

🌑 Broom  &  Wand Making

🌑 Spells

🌑 Medicine Wheel Walk

🌑 Herbal Midnight Margaritas

🌑 Meditation & Activations

🌑 Fall Equinox Ceremony

🌑 Book Of Shadows Making

🌑 Seasons  & Goddesses

​🌑 Elemental Alchemy

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We will gather on day one at 12:00 at our private creek access area for a meet and greet picnic, after we are done here we will gather at our cabin space to check into our rooms, unpack, meet our roommates and get comfortable!

Opening sharing circle and plant medicine making and dinner will follow with a lot more to come!

We ask you to bring a dark red dress and a black dress for our evening ceremonies!

For the daytime activities please wear an outfit that makes you feel witchy!

Think Modern Witch, not Halloween Witch!

Bring sweaters to layer with as mornings and evenings can be cool! Bring a swimsuit for the jacuzzi and creek time!

You will receive an email with a detailed list of what to pack one month before the retreat!


The movie Practical Magic has inspired the hearts of women all around the world! Most women have found themselves loving the idea of being a witch because of this movie!

So why is it we are all turned on by the glamour of this film?

Because it is in our hearts and soul.

Somewhere inside each one lies a thread of remembrance of lifetimes where we gathered in circles called covens, creating magical medicines from the plants and using the power in our hearts, hands, and of our voice to bless and heal our families and friends.

What does it mean to be a witch?

A witch can yes be part of a religious practice like Wicca but the witches we are speaking of are the woman who own themselves. The mystics, poets, teachers, artists, healers, empaths, and the wild woman, The beauties who spend hours creating medicines with herbs and flowers in the kitchen. Those who sit by the bedside of the suffering, in pain, or dying. The women you see who stand up and use their voice to fight for the underdog. They are the mothers and grandmothers who share the wisdom of our ancestors. The ceremonialists keeping the ways of old alive as well as the woman who are working to create equality in our modern-day.

Witches are women who know they hold the power of the Goddess in their body and they use it to manifest and heal!

They're the women who don't know they have any power at all!

All women are witches...

Most women outwardly fear being looked at as a witch and even use this word in a derogatory context, calling those we don't like a WITCH.

But why is it so bad to be a witch if almost everyone one of gets excited when we watch Practical Magic?

Because we all know this our true birthright as a woman and it has been repressed for far too long!!


There is not one person who walks the planet that has not been affected by the witch wound. Most are unaware of what the witch wound even is. During our time together we will learn about this wound and steps to take to clear this from our ancestral line as well as our own DNA!

We will explore the wisdom of the Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Goddess!

You see the modern-day witches are the healers, leaders, teachers, spiritual guides, and medicine women of the twenty-first century and age of Aquarius that this planet has been waiting for!

Now is your time and this is the place to reclaim our inherited birthrights we have as women to create healing life with the gifts of our loving earth mother, and to own our bodies and the magical abilities we hold in our womb space and throat chakra!

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The energy exchange for this all-inclusive Retreat September 24-26 of 2021 in Sedona Az is $777 if paid in full.

Sorry, no refunds are available.

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A two-payment option is available for $888.

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Sorry, no refunds are available.

You will receive an email with details within 24 hours of payment.

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