Intuitive Healing Sessions and Reiki

Womb Healing

Womb Healing Sessions are two hours long and individually customized for your needs. 

Trauma in the womb is connected to the throat chakra so most sessions include some chakra clearing and Reiki. A staple to all sessions is Yoni Steaming, breathwork, basalt womb massage, and womb mask, 

Akashic Records readings, and shamanic healing techniques including sound healing, de-armoring and you will go home with a special blend of womb tea blended speacially for you.

My heart is truly in this work as it has personally transformed my life. Many women find themselves with past sexual trauma, ancestral or societal wounding that blocks the yoni or womb space showing up in their life as depression, anxiety, low sex drive, or overactive sex drive, abundance blocks, self-worth issues, eating disorders, emotional and mental issues. I believe as women supporting women we can change so many things we think are just a part of a life we have to accept when in reality it's the wisdom of how to heal ourselves we lack.. In addition, we usually talk about Yoni eggs and wands as well as syncing your menstrual cycles with moon phases and learning to regulate your cycles with your eating and the seasons. All of these and more are the ways in which we begin to heal the womb.



Intuitive Shamanic Healing Session

Each session is customized to what your spirit calls for. I intuitively check in on what you need. Using techniques such as shamanic Sound and Reiki to align the energetic body. I use guided meditation, hypnotherapy, and Akashic Records Readings, sage, and essential oils used to help clear the auric body.

Whether you are in a state of physical pain or illness, stress-related trauma, and are searching for support that is beyond what you have found with western medicine, reiki will help you become grounded and centered again, connecting you to your higher self.

This session will allow you to come into a state of wholeness and can relieve chronic pain.

Working through altered states of consciousness and Akashic Records to heal past life trauma that could be a root cause of unidentified illnesses. Great for processing grief, loss, heartache, chronic pain, depression, stress-related conditions, and anxiety.

You can use your healing as a time to upgrade and release any stuck or blocked energy you may be holding unknowingly.

Distance sessions available via zoom.

$160 2 Hour Session


Intuitive Mentorship

Shamanic healing, aura and chakra cleansing, crystals, card reading, sage, essential oils, feather blessings, water purification. Sound healing to align and clear areas of the body with blocks or stagnant energy. Past life healing through akashic records readings. Channeled information for higher wisdom intended for your healing and ascension.

We explore phases of the moon your astrological birth chart, personalized ritual work, and herbal tinctures.

I customize these sessions to what you want to learn.

  • Work with Ascended Masters

  • Learn to Hold your Own Circles

  • Honoring the Seasons

  • Goddesses

  • Become A Ceramonilist

  • Meet your Guides

  • Become a Healer

  • Altar Making

  • Casting a Circle

  • Spells & Rituals

These sessions are deep soul work and include whatever spirit calls in for you that day. Looking into your soul's purpose, how the lessons in your life are showing up as teachers guiding you into a life you've always dreamed of. These sessions take on a life of their own as we channel your higher self and check in with what information you need on your journey now.  These sessions will be a guiding light on whatever your chosen path has been and can help you get through the dark nights of the soul that inevitably show up through our process of awakening which is a lifelong journey in its self.

Price includes a four session mentorship and is the minimum commitment for private mentorship

Distant Sessions available through zoom.



Specialized Ceremonies

  • Feather Blessing is a clearing of past and present energies that could be holding you back in unknown ways and opens the doors to endless possibilitites for a beautiful future to be born without the weight of the past playing the same old lessons out again and again..

  • Water Purification is a ceremony and blessing with the sacred waters of annoitning for inner peace, abundance, healing, love and equinimity. We will annoint and bless each chakra.

  • Crystal Grid Medicine Bag is a session where we will create a crystal grid specifiaclly supporting your intention along with shamanic healing teqniues sucha s the rain stick adn bunny blessing, you will go home with a bag of crytsals to create the grid at home to continue supoorting your healing.

  • North Star Blessing is an activation of the eight rays of light that exist within you and brings you back into alignment with your souls purpose.

  • Burning Heart ceremony is a session focused on releasing trauma held in the heart such as grief, loss, abandonment or inner child wounding, this is done using the medicine of the buffalo and sage burned upon your heart.

These ceremonies can be added to any healing or mentoring sessions changing the price from $160 to $250

Individual ceremonies can be scheduled and must be in person for $122


Reiki Level 1&2 Certification

Reiki level one certification-You will learn the history of reiki, begin healing the healer, 5 principles of reiki, art of energy healing, elements of the natural world and receive the first-degree attunement.

Reiki level two -Deepen your understanding of energy healing, learn reiki symbols, essential oil & using sage, distance healing, and receive the second-degree attunement.  A few Shamanic Healing techniques have been added to this training.


We have been doing these certifications retreat style in Sedona Az.

See Heal The Healer Retreat for upcoming dates and details.


Reiki Level 3 Certification

In Reiki level three you will learn healing with crystals, the master symbol, learn to give attunements, and teach Reiki and receive the third degree, crystal Reiki master level attunement. A few shamanic healing techniques are a part of this training. No training scheduled at this time for level three. I am taking interest requests so let me know if you are interested through ask a a question on the home page.