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Work with Harmony Privately

Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

Witches Mentorship

These mentorship sessions are customized to what you would like to learn and always start with the origins of the word witch and how in modern days the reclamation of the word witch is a reclamation of the divine feminine. We start with the basics and go from there.

You will learn why witches are seen with pointy hats and green faces flying on brooms and stirring a cauldron! Why the witch draws you in and excite you while at the same time scares you a little or a lot. All of these things are not what we have been made to believe they mean and we find this well documented in history.

Healing The Witch Wound will be a big part of this mentorship as you must be willing to look within and get real with who's flying the broomstick of your life. What the underlying current of energy within you is that is feeding your actions and projections are ultimately manifesting your life!

We will also be looking at cultural, religious conditioning & programing so that we can be well grounded in the work we intend to do as witch. You never have to give yourself the label or title of witch to do this work but you might want to once you've learned why I am so passionate about sharing this wisdom and how it in itself is an act of personal sovereignty and act of rebellion by refusal of living through the order of patriarchy that our planet has been subject to, for far too long!!

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We explore phases of the moon, your astrological birth chart, personalized ritual work, herbal tinctures, spell jars, simmer pots and more.

I customize these sessions to what you want to learn. You will receive my spell book Practical Magick for the Solitary Witch as part of this program! This is an e-book for the witches who practice on their own. I am somewhat of a natural hereditary witch, eclectic, and solitary witch. There are many types of witches and we don't have to choose one specific path but we will learn about all the realms of witchcraft!

  • Work with Ascended Masters

  • Protection through calling in  your circle of empowerment

  • Honoring the Seasons through the wheel of the year

  • Witchy Holidays

  • Goddesses

  • Become A Ceramonilist

  • Meet your Guides

  • Become a Healer

  • Altar Making

  • Casting a Circle

  • Spells & Rituals

These sessions are deep soul work and include whatever spirit calls in for you that day. 

If you are looking to learn hexing and cursing, I am NOT your mentor. I do not believe in hexing and cursing. I teach protection rituals and binding spells so if you believe you need protection from someone who may be trying to do you harm you have the energetic tools to help yourself and your family. We can have too much protection and some witches focus so much on protection they block their ability to manifest, we will explore how much to protect and how to empower ourselves.

The first law I will teach you is to first do no harm and second everything we do intentionally we do for the highest and best good of all. This is practicing the craft in an authentic way.

The price includes a three-session mentorship and is the minimum commitment for private mentorship. Sessions are available through Zoom or in person if you are available in the Prescott Az area.

Three Two Hour Sessions Through Zoom or in Person are Included in Your Mentorship along with any calls needed between sessions to support you in any spells or ritual work you will be doing.


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Intuitive Shamanic Healing Session

Each session is customized to what your spirit calls for. I intuitively check in on what you need. Using techniques such as shamanic Sound and Energy to align the energetic body. I use guided meditation, hypnotherapy, Drumming, Rattles, Breath Work,  Palo Santo, and essential oils used to help clear the auric & physical body.

Whether you are in a state of physical pain or illness, stress-related trauma, and are searching for support that is beyond what you have found with western medicine, reiki will help you become grounded and centered again, connecting you to your higher self.

This session will allow you to come into a state of wholeness and can relieve chronic pain.

Working through altered states of consciousness through shamanic journeying to heal past life trauma that could be a root cause of unidentified illnesses. Great for processing grief, loss, heartache, chronic pain, depression, stress-related conditions, and anxiety.

You can use your healing as a time to upgrade and release any stuck or blocked energy you may be holding unknowingly.

Distance sessions are available via zoom.

$160 75 Minute Hour Session

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Specialized Ceremonies

  • Feather Blessing is a clearing of past and present energies that could be holding you back in unknown ways and opens the doors to endless possibilities for a beautiful future to be born without the weight of the past playing the same old lessons out again and again.

  • Water Purification is a ceremony and blessing with the sacred waters of anointing for inner peace, abundance, healing, love, and equanimity. We will anoint and bless each chakra.

  • Crystal Grid & Medicine Bag is a session where we will create a crystal grid specifically supporting your intention along with shamanic healing techniques such as the rain stick and bunny blessing, you will go home with a bag of crystals to create the grid at home to continue supporting your healing.

  • North Star Blessing is an activation of the eight rays of light that exist within you and brings you back into alignment with your soul's purpose and back to your own sacred heart.

  • Burning at the Heart Ceremony is a session focused on releasing trauma held in the heart such as grief, loss, abandonment, or inner child wounding, this is done using the medicine of the buffalo and sage burned upon your heart.

These ceremonies can be added to any healing or mentoring sessions changing the price from $160 to $233

Individual ceremonies can be scheduled and must be in person for $160

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