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Witches Mentorship

These mentorship sessions are customized to what you would like to learn!

  • 2 hours
  • 600 US dollars
  • Online Zoom Meeting


We explore phases of the moon, your astrological birth chart, personalized ritual work, herbal tinctures, spell jars, simmer pots and more. ​ I customize these sessions to what you want to learn. You will recieve my spell book Practical Magick for the Solitary Witch as part of this program! This is an e-book for the witches who practice on their own. I am some what of a natural hereditary witch, eclectic, and solitary witch. There are many types of witches and we don't have to choose one specific path but we will learn about all the relmas of witchcraft! ​ Work with Ascended Masters Protection thorugh calling in  your circle of empowerment Honoring the Seasons through the wheel of the year Witchy Holidays Goddesses Become A Ceramonilist Meet your Guides Become a Healer Altar Making Casting a Circle Spells & Rituals ​ These sessions are deep soul work and include whatever spirit calls in for you that day.  ​ If you are looking to learn hexing and cursing, I am NOT your mentor. I do not believe in hexing and cursing. I teach protection rituals and binding spells so if you believe you need protected from someone who may be trying to do you harm you have the energetic tools to help yourself and family. The first law I will teach you is to first do no harm and second everything we do intentionally we do for the highest and best good of all. This is practicing the craft in an authentic way. ​ Price includes a three session mentorship and is the minimum commitment for private mentorship Distant Sessions available through zoom. ​ Three Two Hour Sessions Through Zoom or in Person are Included in Your Menotorship, along with any calls needed between sessions as you work through new spells and rituals!

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