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Sophia Circle Journeys

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My journey through The Sophia Code® has been life-changing, it has been one of the only true sources of divine wisdom that I found on this planet. When I found the book and began to read the resonance I felt on a soul-deep level moved me to tears, I felt the truth of what this book held was the wisdom I had been waiting for my whole life. After being raised in a strictly religious home, I had worked for years to undo the programming and conditioning that always seemed to haunt me, after reading the Ascended Master Isis' key code initiations aloud, I felt layers of vibrational conditioning unlock and remove themselves from my body an auric field.

 When I read Quan Yin's chapter I felt myself through her story and began to awaken to the depth of healing that was possible for myself and my inner child. This experience along with many others guided me to attend conferences with the author of The Sophia Code® to hear with my own ears what she was sharing as I was very skeptical & resistant to any organized belief system. I found that the author Kaia Ra was not promoting another religion and was as authentic and real as this channeled self-published book that became an overnight best seller. Hearing her vision for humanity which didn't include following any one belief system, or person brought me so much hope for humanity.

I love that this codex is all about divinity being within and finding your own way as the sovereign creatrix of your own reality.  I truly believe this shift in consciousness is what will break the curse of patriarchal consciousness and heal the collective witch wound restoring our ability to live in harmony with all sentient beings and our loving earth mother.

I quickly found this movement was exactly what it appeared to be, a group of people committed to unity consciousness and the undoing of rape consciousness, and the witch wound, which is the result of thousands of years of patriarchal control that has been destroying humanity and our planet, I knew I had to become a Sophia Circle Leader so I could share what I found with all of the other women out there like me trying again and again to find the healing that could heal what appeared to be unhealable. I know I am here on this planet to assist in awakening humanity to divine feminine christ consciousness and sovereignty and to serve the divine feminine healing that needs to happen to change the trajectory of our society.  There is so much hope for a brighter future when we all focus on our healing.

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A Transformational 13-week Journey through The Sophia Code®

The Sophia Code® is a LIVING TRANSMISSION boldly and fiercely proclaiming the Invincible, Sovereign Divinity of every Soul.


Sophia Circle Journeys ™ are divinely designed to awaken the heart of humanity to their sovereign divinity. In our journey, we will gather weekly for 13 weeks, exploring our relationship with divinity through the loving support of Ascended Masters Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, and the Dragon Tribe. Sophia is another name for source or creator and specifically refers to a Divine Mother aspect of whatever you call God, you can call it creator or source or whatever you choose, however in this codex, the reference of Sophia is another word for a divine feminine source or creator. Each circle is a ceremonial space consecrated to emotional safety, heart awakening, crystalline clarity, profound personal awakening, and collective healing. Each week's journey puts into motion a healing for you, created by you that unravels all the ways we have been out of alignment with who we really are and awakens us to the pure potential that exists within us.

Each Week's Journey Will Reveal an Ascended Master's Wisdom & Support 

"Isis - Claim your Divine Inheritance


Hathor - Your Voice as an Omniscient Creator of Quantum Reality


Green Tara - Your Innocence is the Guide and Guardian


Mother Mary -Teachings of the Rose


Mary Magdalene - A Mentor for Your Angelic Embodiment


Quan Yin - The Power of Unconditional Love and Support


White Buffalo Woman - Prayer is Your Greatest Medicine


The Sophia Dragon Tribe-You Are a Divine Birther of New Realities"


- The Sophia Code page x, xi -

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What to expect in your weekly Sophia Circle Journey Starting March 19th, 2023 

  • An Opening Invocation Calling in the Ascended Masters 

  • A Water Blessing with Quan Yin

  • Group Meditation

  • Activation of Throat Chakra by Reading The Codex Aloud 

  • Journaling 

  • Group Discussion/Council 

  • Homework 

  • Closing Group Meditation


To join a Sophia Circle Journey you must first set up a free call with me to see if this journey is a good fit for you and discuss any details you'll need to know before the first ceremony. This consists of a few questions I will have for you and gives you time to ask me any questions you might have!


The energy exchange for this 13-week live journey held through Zoom will be $33 a circle.


When committing to this journey you commit to all 13 weeks and can be paid in full $429 or two payments of $215 which will be arranged during our free 20-minute zoom call.

No Refunds Available

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