Essence Of A Wild Woman
 Summer Solstice 2023


Wander into the multifaceted essence of a wild woman at a five-day, four-night, all-inclusive women's retreat June 21-25, 2023 in Sedona, Arizona!

Imagine summer solstice, red mountains, and lush green trees with a creek running right through the land where your cabins are nestled. As you are running wild and free exploring potent vortexes, creating magick, and meditatively waking labyrinths, you will be sitting in a circle with your sisters in a crystal hall and dancing under starry nights in Sedona.


This will be you when you say yes to this opportunity!!

Harmony, Margo & Maggie have created a unique experience through all of their very unique offerings that complement one another. This retreat is held on sacred vortex land that accelerates the healing and activation of our offerings. Our retreats are not to coddle you in codependency, but to empower you by creating space for healing to naturally unfold in a sovereign way. Each day's teachings and healing work builds on the work we did the day before. We have a beautiful way of integrating the shadow work & heavy healing we do through the fun stuff so you experience life-changing "aha" moments while allowing time for both tears and laughter! Your days will be filled with sacred healing circles, sharing circles, witchy workshops, hiking, swimming, and womb healing ceremonies to name just a few things. In the evenings we all dress in the same color as the priestesses of old did to embody the ritual or ceremony of the evening where we activate all we have focused our healing and learning on that day.

There's a catch here though that makes some women afraid to say yes even though they want to.

Fear of the unknown.


We are addressing this first because we are well aware of how hard it is to go to a retreat not knowing anyone. In fact, many try and get their friends to go so they don't have to feel the discomfort of being alone with a bunch of women they don't know.

The essence of the wild woman that lives within the heart of every woman has been oppressed and repressed even demonized throughout the hundreds and thousands of generations that came before us resulting in what we call the Witch Wound. This wound is the reason for the dysfunction in women, it is the reason for the competition between women, self-worth issues, repressed or overexpressed sexuality, disconnection between self and nature, masculine dominant women, female issues with our menstrual cycles, and how we birth children. This unhealed wound has manifested into many toxic traits that are not natural for the feminine therefore to come to a retreat where the women run wild without any time for healing work can be a recipe for further wounding and disaster so we always start with this in mind.

This fear, excitement, and desire to come to a retreat simultaneously happens because you can not take a woman out of our modern society and expect her to step into the essence of a wild woman without some integration.

Everything we do is intentional at these retreats and we first have to focus on digging her, your wild woman out from under all of the conditioning and programming she has been trapped under, longing to break free. Through your retreat facilitator's combined knowledge they have crafted this retreat to quickly move you from feeling alone and scared to being a part of something that lasts a lifetime like a sovereign sisterhood. Yes, this happens quickly within the first day and builds as each day goes on. This is how our retreat is not like many others you will find with women running wild and free in nature exploring Sedona.


Essence of a Wild Woman retreat creates space for all of you to show up, there are many aspects of self we try and hide from as women to play the role society has created for us. We want all of you to show up, meaning the parts of you that you think are broken, like the jealous, the fearful, the messy, and the traumatized, along with the beautiful amazing parts of you. In fact, we are calling in all the women who've never given themselves space to heal unresolved feelings around sexual trauma, sexuality, sister issues, divorces, childhood abuse, anxiety, and depression, as well as the teachers and healers of all levels of spirituality are welcome. All three facilitators have decades of experience as spiritual guides and healers. We aren't therapists or medical doctors but we are going back to the ways of the wise and wild women of old to start untangling the mess patriarchy has made the feminine out to be.

We will gather as like-minded sisters to unlock the wild woman within you exploring the essence of feminine magick, what it means to be embodied, and how to love ourselves on a deeper level than we ever have before through ancient ceremonial magick and the spirits of plants!

This journey into the unknown will create space for the breakthroughs you've always hoped for and the magick your feminine essence craves.

Meet Your Facilitators


Harmony Rose

Harmony Rose is a Womb Priestess, Yoni Steam Facilitator, Eclectic Witch, Shamanic Life Coach, and Yin Yoga Instructor E-RYT 200 YACEP. Harmony's passion is guiding women through transformative practices to create union between a grounded logical world and a mystical magical world in a way that is sustainable and actively changes your life. Her work and heart in this world is guiding women to their divine feminine birthright of sovereignty through transformational healing.


Margo Burdek

Margo Burdek is a spiritual herbalist with 17 years of herbal experience.


She is a graduate of the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, certified Grace Integrity® Master Coach, and energy healing/shamanic practitioner.

She teaches Spiritual Herbalism Workshops, both online & in her Herbal Goddess Studio in Prescott, AZ.

Her journey was deeply influenced by the teachings of folk traditions, shamanism, chakra psychology, and Transcodes Energy Healing, 

She serves her community by consulting in herbalism, organizing gatherings, classes, and offering healing sessions.


Maggie Clark

Maggie Clark is the Co-Host of the Podcast, Psychic Evolution, and the Podcast, The Goddess, The Witch & The Womb. She is a respected Tarotist and as a Spiritual Teacher, she uses her background in Metaphysics, Astrology, and Energy Healing to ignite the flame of higher wisdom in others. Maggie is committed to helping people find a way to blend their spiritual life with their everyday life for empowerment, healing, and growth.


Maggie has explored the Divine Feminine since she was activated into her life force energy at the age of nineteen. She now shares her wisdom through her podcast, The Goddess, The Witch & The Womb. When the feminine and the masculine energies are in balance, this world is going to evolve to new levels of love and compassion.


Retreat Activities


  • Five days, Four Nights all Inclusive Retreat

  • Red Tent Ceremony

  • Sharing Circles

  • Spells & Rituals

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Oak Creek Water Ceremony

  • Yoni Steaming

  • Yin Yoga & Embodiment

  • Guided Meditation

  • Summer Solstice Ceremony

  • Herbal Wisdom & Foraging

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Labyrinth Walks

  • Tarot Card Readings

  • Sound Healing Before Bed

  • Sunrise Vortex Explorations

  • Gourmet Vegetarian Meals

  • Time To Rest & Relax

  • Sisterhood

  • Professional Photography by Ashley Darling

What To Expect

Your retreat will be held in Sedona Arizona at Spirit of the Heavens at Angel Valley a location off the beaten path that has energetically been created to hold sacred space - it is an amazing and beautiful property with labyrinths, private creek access, trails for vortex tours, and angel walks! This property is a semi-private location, not completely private but more isolated than most areas in Sedona which is amazing for the work we do at retreats. You really will feel as though you have left the modern world behind and entered another realm of existence!

Your All-inclusive Sedona Retreat includes your room, 3 organic vegetarian meals a day, retreat gifts, healing sessions, 4 sacred circles, 3 workshops, plant spirit meditations, yoni crystals, yoga & embodiment dance, professional photos, 4 ceremonies, workshop items, and tarot readings and you receive all of this as part of the package you choose below!!!


The vortex energy here is experienced strongly and you will have time as a group in each area as well as time for yourself to explore the land, walk the labyrinths, float in the creek, or whatever your heart calls you to do.


The angel wheel pictured is to help us understand and connect with the angels on a deeper level. 

The labyrinths are sacred tools to open one's heart, receive insights, inspiration, and healing, and connect to one's higher self.

Daily movement yoga or dance and sharing circles along with beautiful ceremonies will help deepen your connection to self.

Oak Creek's healing waters run around and through the property. We will be at the creek daily!

We will be drinking magickal well water from three different wells, one for heart opening, one for the mind, and one for the spirit. Three gourmet vegan/vegetarian meals will be provided each day, we will gather together by the beautiful oak creek and the red rocks to share each meal! We will all share cabins with a sister and will be gathering at the crystal hall daily as a group! Each Woman will have professional photos of her retreat within 2 weeks of the retreat! All of this will be included in the price of the retreat!


Galactic Cabin is a shared space with one roommate and has 2 twin beds, the dreamy skylights allow you to star gaze at night. This room has a detached full-service bathroom with a shower and toilet, vanity, and mirror a few yards from the cabin. Photos of the rooms and bathrooms are below.

The All-inclusive Galactic Cabin Space is $2600.

You can choose a private galactic cottage the only difference is you don't have a roommate.



Star Village-SOLD OUT is a cozy cabin with skylights you can gaze through as you fall asleep looking at Sedona's gorgeous starry nights. This space is shared with two roommates and there are three twin beds and an attached private bathroom with a shower, mirror, sink, vanity, and toilet. This space has air conditioning and heating that you are able to control. Photos of Crystal with the attached bathroom are pictured below.

All-Inclusive Star Vilage cabin $2700



Crystal Creek - SOLD OUT is a cozy room near the creek that is shared with two roommates and has three twin beds and an attached private bathroom that has a shower, mirror, sink, vanity, and toilet, this room is attached to the dining hall with a separate entrance, you will be close to coffee in the mornings without the walk. This space has a sliding door with a screen you can leave open to hear the creek trickling by, it has air conditioning and heating that you are able to control. Photos of Crystal with the attached bathroom are pictured below.

ALL Inclusive Crystal Creek $2700

crytsal creek view from room
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galactic cabin
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Galactic Cabin
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galactic cabin
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Detached Bathroom Galactic
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Galactic Cabin
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galactic cabin
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crystal creek room with attached bathroom
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crystal creek room
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Star Village Cabin
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Attached Bathroom star village
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private galactic
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Crystal Wheel
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Crystal Hall
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Oak Creek
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